Autopilot is a fantastic setting … for flying an airplane. But we are not airplanes. As human beings, living on autopilot means going through the motions of each day without intentionality. Autopilot is living a reactive life instead of a proactive life. Our days are numbered, and each of these days is an opportunity to live on purpose – to serve others with spark and accomplish what matters. Each of us can choose to live on autopilot, or a life of authenticity. In this video, Coach Brett Blair, author of, “From Autopilot to Authentic,” encourages us to drop the autopilot setting and live a flourishing life of purpose!



Autopilot, what is it? Well, autopilot is awesome for flying an airplane. I highly recommend it, but autopilot is terrible for living a life. And I don’t recommend that.

And I know, because I spent about 20 years of my adult life living a life that was on autopilot, living a life that was based on the expectations of other people, my family, my community, the degree I got in college. The life that I started living was a life that was set up for me by other people. Nothing wrong with that, but it wasn’t the right life for me. And thank God I woke up and realized that there was a better path for me.

And I actually wrote a book about this called, “From Autopilot to Authentic.” And my point to you is anybody can get off of autopilot and start living their authentic life, but how do you start?

Well, you start by making the decision privately, in your heart, to make a change, to get off of autopilot, and to start living your authentic life.

And my friends, life is short. We don’t know how much more time we have, so my recommendation to you today is: start today, to living your authentic life.