Commitment is a powerful tool.

For a long time, I’ve said I need to grow my professional network. However, I never acted on this until recently. What made this happen? I committed to it and I set a practical, measurable goal for building business relationships. I got out of my house and went to spaces where I could be around people. I committed to attending 39 events each quarter, which is three events each week. From there, I set a goal to meet individually with 18 people from these events. This is working well for me, but none of this would have happened if I did not make a formal commitment to myself.

I have negative experiences at events which make me want to quit the commitments. But it’s these negative experiences that lead to the positive ones, and the new, impactful relationships. I’m now meeting the people I need to meet.

So, the takeaway is, if you have something that you keep saying you should do, you need to plant your flag in the ground, make a serious commitment to doing it, and create some measurable goals around it. You’ve got this!

-Coach Steve Arnold



Hey what’s up, guys? Steve Arnold here with Best Life Global.

Today, I wanna talk to you about the power of commitment. And I wanna share a personal story with you.

So, I’ve been saying this for a long time, like I really need to focus on growing my professional network.
I really need to get out and meet people and build business relationships. And for the longest time, I kept saying that I should do it and I never actually did it, until recently, when I was in a meeting with some of my team members here and we were discussing our quarterly goals, and I decided that I wanted to
make a really true commitment to growing my professional network. So I brainstormed a couple ideas as to how to do that.

Obviously, I need to actually be around people and go where people are if I’m going to do that. And then I need to get better at, in terms of the building the relationship part, actually following up with people.

So, what I actually did is, I created goals in our system. We use Trello. And I created quarterly goals. So I decided to get around people I needed to go out to events where people were.

So I committed to doing 39 events in the quarter, which basically breaks down to about three a week or maybe exactly three a week. And I also made a secondary goal that I needed to have 18 one-on-one follow up meetings with people, whether it’d just be coffee or just getting together, either casually or even something more, more professionally-sales related.

The goal was just to have 18 meetings with people. And I’m telling you, this has worked so well for me. And I’m growing my network so well and I’m meeting amazing people and everything is going really well with this. And I see all sorts of opportunity out there for me to help other people, for other people to help me in my business. And it’s amazing.

And none of this would have ever happened had I not made that formal commitment to myself.

And I’ll give you one example to it. I go out to these networking events sometimes and I have some super awkward conversations and it’s just the way that it’s going to be. And sometimes I don’t do as well as I feel like I could’ve done. And I’ll maybe leave the event a little bit earlier than maybe I should’ve left it. And the old me would have been like, eww, I don’t like those networking events, I’m not gonna go to them anymore. But now, since I have this goal, I’m like, well I’m gonna commit to this ’cause I think it could be valuable for me to continue going.

So even though I have a more negative experience at one event, I go to another event and I have an awesome, positive experience. So the fact that I continue to go and go and go, leaves me to, actually get to those positive events and to meet those people that I need to be meeting.

And I think it all comes down to that measurable commitment I made to myself.

So, the takeaway today, guys, is if you have something that you keep saying that you should do, you need to plant your flag in the ground, make a serious commitment to doing it, create some measurable goals around it and continue doing it.