Today is a brand new day.

It’s my new day.

It’s your new day.

What a gift!

I try to look at each new day as a blank canvas. In fact, I have a real blank canvas hanging on the wall in my office. This is a reminder for me to view each day as a fresh start, a new chance to grow, and move closer to my goals.

My blank canvas is my daily reminder that I have a full 24 hours to paint (metaphorically, that is) my masterpiece for the day.

4 ways to think about the canvas of your day:

Mine, not Yours!  No one can help me paint my canvas. It’s my responsibility, and cannot be delegated to other people. What I do with it comes from my creativity, my effort, my work, my determination, my ambition, and my desire.

Finish it! To finish my canvas, I must paint it, completely, filling in each of the corners. This is my reminder to finish my work, each and every day. A reminder not to take shortcuts, not to quit early, not to be lazy, but to DO THE WORK, each and every day, until my masterpiece is completed.

A New Start! Every day is a brand new day. Every day is a brand new blank canvas. This is my reminder each morning that I have the gift of a new masterpiece to create. 

Let it go! If yesterday was not so good, move on. If your blank canvas was filled with disappointments or mistakes— big or small, release it. Throw that canvas into the dumpster, and paint a new one. Start again today with your fresh, clean, blank canvas.

It’s your day.

It’s your blank canvas and your opportunity to create the art called your life. I will paint mine in the best way that I know how, always trying to do better than the day before.

I wish the same for you.

Good painting, my friend!

Coach Brett Blair