Even if you are a naturally neat and tidy person, the physical spaces in our life can become cluttered if we are not careful.

A physical space not only allows you to actively work effectively in a location, it allows you to mentally work effectively in a location. The physical aspects of your life mirror the mental aspects of your life.

Watch to dive deeper into the process of decluttering.


Hey, hey. Hey, I’m in my office in Durham, North Carolina, on a Sunday afternoon, and I’m getting ready to do some homework, and I noticed how incredibly cluttered up my office is. I’m not gonna show it to you. It’s embarrassing, but I’ve got stuff everywhere, and it’s so not like me to let that happen.

I think I’ve developed the habit, and by the way, I encourage you to make a habit of changing your habits; but I’ve developed a habit of keeping my workspace very organized, and very tidy. And I wouldn’t call it incredibly clean, although it’s not dirty, but more importantly, it’s not full of clutter, and right now, it is.

So, what I’m gonna do, when I finish this video, is take a few minutes and declutter my office. Put stuff away. And I know what that’ll do for me, is it creates physical space to do work, but also, it creates mental space for clarity and focus, and… I wanna get into the state of flow. Where, if I’m writing a paper, or doing research, or working on preparing for a coaching meeting, that I get myself totally present into the work that I’m doing.

And, when that happens, not only do I get a lot more done, and a lot faster and higher quality work, but I enjoy it more. And I found, that when I bring enjoyment to the work that I do, I’m far more productive, and I have better work results from that.

So, piece of advice for you, and again, to remind me, because I’ve let it
get way out of control. It’s such a cluttered up mess in here today. But my reminder to myself, my advice to you is make decluttering, and make having an organized
workspace part of your habit for doing the work you do.

And not only your workspace, but your home, your car, your life. All of those physical parts of your life mirror your mental life, and you wanna have decluttered brain, and a decluttered physical environment to be able to give it your all, and to live your best life.

Hope that helps. I’ll talk to you later.