Here at Best Life Global, our core focus is to help you live your best life. What do we mean when we refer t0 “best-life living?”

The obvious observation is that we have one life to live. You know from experience that often the days can be long but the weeks, months and years can fly by. It’s up to you whether or not you live your best life or an average version of that.

If you’re far away from thriving (we’ve all been there), we know it can be overwhelming to even think about trying to live on purpose or fully. That’s what this video is for — to help with those first steps. Try this:

  1. You must decide that you want to live your best life. You’re in control of your approach and attitude toward each day.
  2. Keep learning. The practical and tangible actions for best-life living is not knowledge we are born worth, and we are rarely taught it in school. The best way to learn how to thrive is to read. Learn to love to read.
  3. Practice what you learn. Understanding something in your head is one thing, implementing it as a life habit or practice is another. That implementation is key.


Full Transcript:

Hey there, Brett Blair with Best Life Global. You may know me and recognize me as the Brett Blair from the Coach Brett Blair brand, which was the previous name
for our coaching business, but we’ve re-branded it and renamed it Best Life Global for a couple of reasons.

One is, we’re no longer one person. We have many other people involved. But number two, and more importantly, that term Best Life has significant meaning to us. What we are, we’re trying to be a part of a movement of people who all want to live their best lives and they want to help other people do that same thing. So you might be saying, well that sounds cool, but how do you do that?

Like, how do you live your best life? I want to give you three, three tips, or three ideas on how to do that.

Number one is you decide. You literally make the decision that starting now, I’m going to go out and live my best life. Not just an average life. Or a ho-hum life.

Not the life that other people think I should live. I’m gonna live my best life. I’m gonna make that decision to do that now.

Number two is learn. Learn how to live your best life. Unfortunately, we’re not
born with this knowledge. And our parents often times don’t know how to teach us this stuff. And we don’t learn it in elementary school or high school or even in college. You have to go out on your own and learn the things that are part of living your best life. And how do you do that?

Well for me, the number one way is to become a reader. Read good books that will teach you things that other people have already done and figured out to living your best life. You know, behind my love for God, and my wife, and my children, and my family, I’m in love with this. My bookshelf, and all these books that are been written by people who know a lot more than I do about how to live their best lives. And I can learn from that and apply it in my life and help other people do the same thing.

And the third thing is to practice. Practice what you learn. Like every day, wake up and put in to practice the little things that you learn about living your best life. About how to think differently. About how to, how to be more proactive with your health. How to be better in your relationships. How to be better in your profession. How to be happier. How to live your best life.

So to recap: Make the decision to start. Go and learn. And then put into practice what you learned, and you’ll be on your way to living your best life.