We don’t dream big enough. We just don’t. And this is oftentimes for silly reasons, like worrying about what other people think, or doubting our own abilities.

Life is short, and there are billions of people to help, and huge opportunities to impact the world.

I know you have your own dream – perhaps you want to be an awesome father, or make a higher level of contribution to what you’re already doing. But achieving these dreams does not come overnight – it takes a lot of work. But this work comes with satisfaction. In fact, one of the major elements of happiness is growing personally, and that’s what will happen as you work in the direction of your dreams.

Set the bar higher and higher, and you’ll turn down the pathway in life that increases your happiness, productivity and your definition of success.

You’ll accomplish your dreams. Then you’ll acquire more, set the bar higher, and accomplish those.

Let’s work to impact the billions of people in this beautiful world!


Full Transcription:

We don’t dream big enough. We just don’t. We are so guilty of not pursuing great, big things in our lives, and as oftentimes just for dumb reasons. We get worried about
money or we get worried about other people might think. Or we don’t think we’re smart enough. We have all these excuses that hold us back from setting really lofty dreams and then going out and doing it. Or at least trying to do it.

The more I work on these things, the more I realize that, man, time is short. And I don’t have my own life, I wanna get about it. I wanna help more and more and more people. I wanna build a coaching business that has a really huge impact around the world. And different ways of helping people, that’s my particular dream.

But I know each of you have your own dream. It could be to be awesome as a father or as a mother or awesome in your work or awesome in your community. Or in your art, or in your profession, whatever it is, there’s probably a higher level of contribution that you can make and it doesn’t have to have anything to do with money, or fame, or power. But just about you leaning in and living your best life. And why? Because you can.

Now, I personally think God wants us to live our best lives. And it doesn’t come by itself, it doesn’t just come floating in the mailbox. To live your best life and especially if you wanna raise some really high bars on your contribution to the world, it’ll take a lot of work. And a lot of focus, a lot of personal growth. A lot of development.

But that all comes with satisfaction. Like, that pursuit of a higher calling and the pursuit of a personal growth is what I think is one of the elements of happiness and feeling content with your life is you’re on purpose doing something and I believe if you can do something that helps other people, that’s even better.

But just set that bar higher and higher and higher and just go do all you can do make that thing happen. And I think if you’ll go on that pathway in life, you’ll actually be happier, you’ll be a whole lot more productive and a whole lot more successful or whatever that means to you. And you’ll look back and you’ll say darn it, I did it. I did it. And then set another bar, and then another bar. You’ll like, you’ll never ever be done until you don’t wake up one day ’cause there are billions of people out there that need to be helped and there are billions of problems and a huge beautiful world to
go live into and experience.

So my friends, set great, big dreams. Dream big. That’ll be the right framework for living your best life.