I’ve just returned home from a jam-packed two weeks of travel.

It’s been productive and utterly exhausting!

I travel quite a bit on business and I love getting out with my clients and seeing them face-to-face. I spent the first week of my trip in Detroit visiting non-stop with clients, with 14 meetings over 4 days. This is exciting to me and gives me energy. I love meeting with and helping people, so it’s an amazing combination. Yet, I still need downtime. I’m human and I need rest.

I goofed up on this trip. I didn’t schedule rest and I didn’t get enough sleep. I let my work-life overtake my personal health. Thankfully, I’m resilient and can recover. I know this over-work is not good over the long-run and I’m back to a healthy routine now that my week of client meetings has wrapped up.

The second week was a vacation with my wife and our extended families on the beach in Florida. It was everything a beach vacation should be…great weather, plenty of food and drinks, too much sun and great times with great people. Yet, I did not exercise as much as I wanted. I also overindulged in many of my favorite things – the wrong foods and maybe too many beers. When I got home and stepped on the scale, I was shocked at how much weight I had gained.  I also feel sluggish and a little out of balance.

Again – I know that my body is resilient, and I’ll be back to the healthier version of me soon.  I’m already excited to be back to my routine of eating healthy foods and exercising daily. I am back to structure and routine, good sleep and time during the day for rest, prayer and meditation.

There’s no doubt that my body feels best when I eat fresh, healthy foods and exercise daily. My body and mind thrive on a healthy routine. This for me is not boring, but instead provides the foundation for alertness and energy throughout the day.  It is a lifestyle that also puts the odds in my favor for good health into old age.  Our bodies were designed to move and be nourished by natural and fresh foods. Our bodies were also designed to receive healthy amounts of rest through restful sleep and intentional breaks during the day. It’s very simple, but for some crazy reason difficult to do.

I like to think of myself as an “80/20 guy” and this seems to work for me. I make excellent choices with my diet and exercise routine 80% of the time. The other 20% of the time is a bit more flexible. This 20% allows me to go on vacation and relax a bit, knowing that I will start fresh as soon as my vacation ends.

I am committed to life-long growth. I want to be a little better tomorrow than I am today. My plan is that my next vacation won’t leave me a few pounds heavier. I plan to make better choices the next time around. This is my plan, but I’m not a robot, and I’m sure I’ll goof up again along the way.

Today I choose to be thankful for my travel, for my friends, and for my health.  I choose to smile and be happy that there is always a fresh start.  With that thought, I’m heading out now for a 3 mile run.

I wish abundant health and happiness for you as well.


Coach Brett Blair