Full Transcript:
-How does a coach help somebody become happier or develop better habits? Why can’t they just do that on their own?

– Well, that’s a good question, and in a lot of ways people can do it on their own, and I was doing it on my own sort of before I had a coach and before I met you, but since I’ve known you, I’ll tell you my life has changed dramatically. I’d say even more specifically
in the last six months, I’ve made some sweeping, sweeping changes in my life. And that’s part of the job of a coach, to figure out where the clients are now, help them figure out where they want to be, and help them figure out how to get there. And with the help of a coach, you can do this much much much much faster.

There’s also the question of accountability. A lot of people, for some reason or another, they’re more accountable. They hold themselves more accountable for things that they do for other people than they do for themselves. So, having that accountability with somebody is a huge benefit. I mean, sure you can have an accountability partner. You can have your spouse, but then it gets a little weird I think.

Especially, a big role of a coach is to challenge their clients a little bit, and if you’re too close to the situation, you can cause some defensiveness, and it doesn’t really work as well. So, one of the key aspects, I think, of being a great coach is not to be, you wanna be nice and you wanna be friendly and you wanna be respectful, but you don’t wanna take the relationship too close into the friend zone because then it becomes more of a challenge to be objective, and it’s also more of a challenge to hold them accountable and to challenge them the way you need to challenge them.